More Waiting… – Saturday, August 24th, 2013

On Saturday, we woke up early to be ready to leave for the site at 8:30. As time went by, we anxiously waited for Angella’s call. At around 10:30 we were told that Richard still was not at Pilgrim, but as soon as he arrived we would leave for Okidi. We continued to wait, losing more hope of finishing Okidi as each hour passed/ Finally at 1:30, Angella came by the Golden Arc to tell us we were not going to Okidi at all/ Richard had finally arrived at Pilgrim with many excuses as to why he was so late. Angella told him to go home and rest since he apparently hadn’t slept his three nights in Kampala as he was “hard at work making the base frames.” We also learned that the reason Richard had to make the trip to Kampala himself (after saying he had arranged someone to deliver the machines) is because another NGO, World Vision, took the MFP parts that were fabricated for us. We asked Angella if she thought we would be able to finish Okidi in our last two days. She assured us that we would finish Okidi in 30 minutes to an hour, although we knew that would be impossible. We proceeded to ask if Richard had all the pulleys, base frames, shafts, and belts for the huller and mill and she guaranteed that he did. While we already knew this was highly unlikely, we did not question Angella and instead decided to swim off our frustrations in Calvin’s pool. After, we went to dinner at Soroti Hotel. Shalni, Eric, and Brian watched the Star Trek which ended up sparking a huge debate regarding time travel. We all went to bed far beyond anxious to visit Okidi the next day.

Gab, Shal, and Eric


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