Greetings from Soroti! – Wednesday, May 29, 2013

We’ve finally made it to Soroti and have been able to settle in to our hotel, The Golden Ark. And solved our internet problems, for the time being. We’ve definitely learned that telecom services are confusing and frustrating no matter what country you’re in.

We hit the ground running when we got to Soroti. On our first day, we were introduced to the staff of the Pilgrim Soroti field office and then had a meeting with a selection of the staff that we would be directly working with during our time in Soroti.

We then made our way over to the Beacon of Hope school to inspect the rainwater harvesting system and perform water testing. We met with the headmaster of the school, Robert, and several of the staff working at the school. Robert then introduced us to Ben, who is training to become maintenance staff at the school, and the two of them showed us the system. We were slightly disappointed to see that the rainwater harvesting system was in the same condition as it was during the winter trip, with small but important fixes not having been complete. When we returned to the hotel, we set up our water testing experiments while discussing the history of the system and developing ideas for the future of the system.

After setting up our experiments, we headed off to a well-deserved lunch at the Landmark hotel. When we finished our lunch, we broke off into two groups. Eli and I went with Edward to the Pilgrim office to meet with Paul, the contractor pouring the concrete base and installing the MFP base. Liza, Aniekeme and Marcellin returned to the school to review the MFP system and discuss further improvements to the system.

When Eli and I met with Paul, we realized that we were facing some significant delays in our construction schedule and weren’t sure if we would be able to complete the project. But, after some negotiating and restructuring of our plans, we were able to draft a schedule that would allow us to complete our implementation before we leave.

Liza, Aniekeme, and Marcellin were able to meet again with Ben and discuss specific improvements that could be made to the system. We are optimistic that these changes can be made and the system improved in the near future.

When we got back together, we shared the results of our activities and then walked together to the market. We were excited to find that we could continue our tradition of PB&J sandwiches with cereal for dinner. After enjoying our dinner, we played a few rounds of Eucher until we were all too tired to continue. And, after the long day we had just completed, we didn’t get through too many rounds.

Kianyun ejaulo

Robert, Eli, Liza, Aniekeme, and Marcellin




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